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Giving Tuesday is a chance to show your team spirit!

Thank you for being a team player!

It’s no coincidence that Giving Tuesday follows Thanksgiving. Generosity naturally follows from gratitude. We give because we appreciate our own abundance. If Thanksgiving is an opportunity to celebrate your bounty, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity share it. If Thanksgiving is a celebration of family and tradition, Giving Tuesday is a celebration of community and progress.

At FM Foundation, we’re grateful for all that you’ve done to help build community and support progress at Fulton-Montgomery Community College. Whether you offered your time, talent, or gifts, your contributions have empowered our faculty, staff, and our diverse student population.

While public dollars keep the lights on at FMCC, private dollars enhance the campus and create new opportunities for students, like our dynamic athletics program. Many community colleges struggle to fund student athletics and sporting events despite the many benefits to the school, students, and the community. For example, athletics programs increase community college enrollment and graduation rates. Research shows student-athletes account for an average of 13% of the student body on college campuses, and they are 11% more likely to graduate than the general student body.

Sporting events, like our Raiders basketball and volleyball games, give students, faculty, and the Fulton County residents access to live entertainment that encourages a sense of pride in community. Our soccer teams bring us together for some rowdy outdoor fun in the fall while cheering for our baseball and softball teams in the spring provide a welcome break from winter seclusion.

None of that would be possible without your support.

Recently, your contributions have improved our student-athletes’ locker rooms, providing a welcoming space for students from all walks of life, including first-generation college students. Thirty percent of all student-athletes participating in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) are the first in their family to attend a college, and the locker room offers bonding opportunities that help those students stay engaged.

Our new athletic field project will also need support from team players like you. High-quality athletic spaces are crucial to the health and performance of student-athletes. A field surface must be even and consistent while meeting safety standards. Aging or deteriorating athletic surfaces put our players at a disadvantage, including the risk of injury and limiting athletic performance. A well-designed and maintained athletic space provides equal opportunities to all players, regardless of their position on the field.

Thank you for giving again.

We are so grateful to have you on our team, and we hope that we will be able to count on you once again this year to show your school spirit on Giving Tuesday.

Give back to the school that helped shape your life.

Your Private Dollars Shape Futures

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