Thank you for all that you have already given.

In a year when much was asked of many, you gave generously anyway.


Radiology Lab

Disruptive new technologies have created challenges for radiology departments in medical facilities around the world, and demand for highly skilled, tech-savvy radiologists is at an all time high. Your commitment to supporting the health of your community financed the equipment FMCC students needed to graduate career-ready. Area hospitals and clinics are already singing the praises FMCC alums thanks to you. Learn more about the lab here.

Financial Center Classroom

A recent survey showed that nearly 6 in 10 Americans have less than three months worth of emergency savings – during a time when emergencies seem to abound. Many of FMCC’s students are particularly vulnerable. Your commitment to improving students’ odds financed the FAM Financial Technology Center, where our students are empowered by future-thinking financial education resources. Learn more about the center here.

RAO Theater

Where will the future of binge-watching come from? Graduates of FMCC, thanks to your support of the RAO Theater. More than just a venue, RAO Theater is a technological lab for students of entertainment technology. Your commitment to keeping our students at the forefront of fastest growing industries made that happen. Learn more about the theater here.

Perrella Art Gallery, Sculpture Garden, and 9/11 Memorial

In the aftermath of 9/11, FM graduate Louis Pabon worked at the leveled site, helping with the cleanup effort. Pabon had a vision of transforming a remnant of the World Trade Center’s antenna into a sculpture to inspire viewers. Your commitment to the arts transformed Pabon’s vision into an uplifting memorial sculpture garden. It financed the establishment of a much-needed space for students to come together to experience the healing nature of art and to learn skills that they can use to pursue a career in commercial art. You made that possible. Learn more about the art gallery here.

Thank you for giving again.

November 30, 2021 is Giving Tuesday, a global movement to spark radical generosity. Your continued commitment to radical generosity on this global day of giving will finance more educational innovations  and empower our students to become tomorrow’s radically generous contributors.

Give back to the school that helped shape your life.

Your Private Dollars Shape Futures

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