Perrella Art Gallery

"The Perrella Art Gallery has been a success for not only the campus, but the community."
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To have an art program but no place for the students and community to come together to experience art was a problem; especially from an educational standpoint. Over the years, numerous arts councils rose up and then slowly died, and there was no community gallery art space. 


Expansion to gain the public’s awareness in the arts and to engage people at the campus. Donors allowed for the development of the Perella Art Gallery, Sculpture Garden and 9/11 Monument.


Through really generous donors, we now have the Perrella Art Gallery. It has been a success for not only the campus, but the community. Both the students and the community now have a place to see work that  they may otherwise wouldn’t see at a commercial gallery where things are driven by consumer tastes. Students can now have access to more hands on classes that prepare them for job opportunities like gallery installers, curatorial design. Opportunities they otherwise would not have been able to experience first hand.